Compost flies

How to get rid of compost flies

Winning the war against compost flies requires a multi-faceted strategy. Here's how to make your compost pile inhospitable to these unwelcome guests.
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Hedgehog poking its nose out from the entrance to a hedgehog house

How to attract hedgehogs into a hedgehog house

A hedgehog house can be a great addition to your garden.
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Couple of great tit birds eating from seed feeder

How to make your garden more attractive to garden birds

This weekend is the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch, an opportunity to help the conservation charity understand how UK birds are doing.
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Common frog amongst water lily pads

10 ways to make your garden environmentally friendly

Private gardens in the UK cover an area larger than 10 million acres – that is bigger than all the country’s nature reserves combined!
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Woman kneeling beside Green Johanna compost bin planting pansies in compost

How to make garden compost using tumblers and bins

Home composting is a simple, eco-friendly way to improve the soil quality in your garden. 
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Sophie Conran fat ball feeder

Homemade fat ball recipe for garden birds

As the nights draw in and temperatures plummet, the birds in your garden will thank you for putting out bird food and water on a regular basis.
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Variegated Sansevieria

Easy care houseplants that will tolerate some neglect

It can sometimes feel like a daunting array of factors need to be considered to keep your indoor plants in good health: light levels, watering and feeding regimes, and temperature all need to combine to create an environment perfectly suited for your indoor specimen.
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White tulips growing in the garden

How to plant tulip bulbs

Ever since ‘tulip mania’ first swept the gardens of Europe in the mid-17th century, tulips have been a regular feature in UK gardens.
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Houseplants in winter

Caring for houseplants in winter

Many houseplants enter a dormant phase as light levels decrease in late autumn.
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