Aerobin hot composter 200 litres

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Step up your composting game with the Aerobin hot composter 200 litres. Celebrated as the number one choice in hot composting technology, this advanced composter allows anyone to efficiently convert household waste into rich, nutritious compost in as little as 90 days. Equipped with an internal lung and a robust insulation system, the Aerobin keeps your compost compact and warm, accelerating the decomposition process without the need for manual turning.

Designed to operate seamlessly across all four seasons, the Aerobin hot composter fits perfectly in any garden setting with its modern design. It comes with a free leachate hose extension kit, simplifying the extraction and use of liquid fertiliser for your plants. Vermin-resistant and constructed from 100% virgin polymer, this composter supports your eco-friendly lifestyle by reducing reliance on landfill and incineration.

The Aerobin is not just about composting; it's about sustainable living. Its moisture recirculation system ensures that the balance of carbon, nitrogen, air, and water is maintained, encouraging the activity of decomposer microorganisms. Start the process by adding a layer of non-sterilised compost to the base and watch as your organic waste transforms into garden gold. Remember, the Aerobin works best when half-filled and is ideal for all your garden waste, promoting a healthier planet one cycle at a time.

This composter comes in two boxes, one box for the main component and the second which holds the central aeration lung (flue). This lung assists the quick breakdown of food and garden waste. Two people are needed to construct the Aerobin.

Measurements: H117.5cm x W51cm x D51cm