Aerobin hot composter 600 litres

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Transform your composting experience with the Aerobin hot composter 600 litres, the market-leading solution for quick and efficient compost production. This revolutionary composter allows you to create rich, nutrient-packed compost in as little as 90 days without the hassle of manual turning, thanks to its innovative internal lung that automates the aeration process.

The 600 litre Aerobin hot composter is designed for high performance in any climate, offering a sustainable method to reduce waste by turning your food and garden refuse into valuable compost. Its sleek, modern design will complement the aesthetics of your garden while providing an eco-friendly way to recycle organic materials throughout the year.

Ideal for larger establishments like restaurants and businesses, the 600 litre Aerobin ensures the quick decomposition of organic matter, facilitated by a central aeration lung. This unit is vermin resistant and features a moisture recirculation system that keeps the composting process active. The base includes a leachate tank to collect valuable liquid nutrients, essential for plant health. Remember, the Aerobin performs optimally when at least half-filled and is not suitable for glossy printed materials.

Embrace sustainable living with the Aerobin hot composter, a robust, attractive addition to any garden.

Measurements: H170cm x W74cm x D74cm