Aged ceramic bird bath

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Esschert Design’s ceramic bird bath makes a dramatic centrepiece to any garden. Featuring an elegant blue and white flower and leaf pattern, the bird bath has a weathered and distressed look to enhance the traditional feel.

The aged ceramic bird bath has a highly patterned, glazed interior. The ivory tone of the glaze on the inside of the birdbath adds a light look, while the deep blue of the flower and leaf design gives it striking, colourful detail. The glazed bird bath bowl contrasts beautifully with the unglazed frame.

The bird bath bowl is one inch deep, making it great for small songbirds. The bird bath’s generous rim provides an ideal perching spot.

The ceramic bird bath comes with a concrete bird figure that rests on its one-inch rim. The bird is angled downwards and appears to be studying its reflection in the water.

Dimensions: 33.5cm x 33.5cm x10.8cm

Where to put a bird bath

Birds like to have clear visibility as they bathe. Ideally position the bird bath near cover such as trees and shrubs so birds can escape if they feel threatened. But don’t put it so close to vegetation that predators can ambush the birds.

How to clean a ceramic bird bath

We recommend cleaning your bird bath once a week using a stiff brush or wire wool and a vinegar solution consisting of 9 parts water to 1 part vinegar. This will help reduce bacteria and algae build up and make the job of cleaning it much easier next time.