Bokashi bin with spray

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The 14-litre Bokashi Bin indoor kitchen composter by Maze starts the transformation of food waste into compost right in your own kitchen.

  • Compact and portable design makes this bokashi bin easy to carry around.
  • No foul smells and does not attract fruit flies
  • Bokashi bin helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and helps rebuild soil in your garden
  • Bokashi process creates nutrient-rich liquid that can be used as fertiliser

Bokashi is a Japanese term meaning ‘fermented organic matter’. Using the bokashi method, leftovers - including cooked food, meat, fish and cheese - can be scraped straight from the plate into the Maze bokashi bin and sprayed with the specialist Bokashi Spray (available separately). The citrus-scented spray contains friendly bacteria which ferment the waste anaerobically (without air).

Because the fermentation process does not produce adverse smells, the bucket can be kept under the sink or on a kitchen worktop. The lid has a silicone seal and three locking clips to ensure a secure airtight fit.

When full, the container is sealed and left for two to three weeks to allow the contents to ferment. The pre-compost that is produced can be added to a composter or buried in soil to become rich compost.

The Bokashi process also produces a beneficial liquid which can be used as an organic drain cleaner or diluted for use as plant fertiliser. The liquid should be drained off using the tap at the bottom of the bucket every few days.

Keeping two Bokashi bins means you can continue filling one bucket while the other is left to ferment.

Dimensions: 31cm x 30cm x 29cm. Made from recycled plastic.

The 500ml Bokashi Spray by Maze is an innovative liquid made from natural beneficial microbes and citrus extracts, accelerating the fermentation of organic waste in your Bokashi Bin.