Brushwood robin nest box

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Enhance your garden's wildlife habitat with Wildlife World’s award-winning brushwood robin nest box. Designed in collaboration with renowned wildlife expert Simon King, this unique robin nest box features an open-style entrance that offers robins the accessibility they desire while providing the necessary concealment from predators.

Crafted with a rattan landing platform and a subtly divided roosting space, the design of this nest box mimics the preferred nesting spots of robins, such as sheds and porches. Lightweight and versatile, it can easily be wired into a hedge or ivy or mounted on a wall with the included fixing wire. The nest box’s thoughtful design not only accommodates robins but is also suitable for other bird species such as wagtails and spotted flycatchers.

Awarded Best New Product Design at GLEE in the Pet and Wildlife category, this robin nest box is a proven favourite for both birds and wildlife enthusiasts.

Measurements: 145 x 270 x 130 mm