Burgon and Ball indoor watering can - pale jade

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Nurture your indoor plants with Burgon and Ball's indoor watering can in pale jade.

This mini watering can isn’t just functional. It's a statement of style that stands out in any plant lover's home. Made from moulded steel for a seamless, flawless finish, the watering can is both elegant and durable. The tough powder coating ensures it stays looking good use after use, resisting wear and tear.

The watering can has a slender spout designed to deliver water right where it’s needed. No spills, no waste – just efficient watering for all your indoor plants. Perfect for tight spaces, this small watering can is an essential tool for precise watering.

Crafted for comfort, the can has a smooth FSC-certified beech wood handle. It feels good in your hands, making your watering routine a pleasure. 

Choose this small watering can for its perfect balance of beauty and functionality. It's an indispensable aid for keeping your indoor greenery hydrated and happy.

Dimensions: 22.5cm (L), 10cm (W), 14.5cm (H)

Material: Powder coated steel with FSC beech handle

Capacity: 0.7 litres