Ceramic bumblebee nest box

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Invite the gentle buzz of nature into your garden with Wildlife World’s ceramic bumblebee nest box. A modern rendition of the classic bee skep, this durable nester is crafted from high-fired glazed ceramic. It echoes the centuries-old tradition of straw skeps used for beekeeping but with a robust twist that ensures longevity and resistance to frost.

Designed to provide a cosy, ventilated home for bumblebees, it's also suitable for small mammals like voles, mice, and shrews, which can become the first occupants before bumblebees take over. The vibrant ceramic makes the skep easy to spot, aiding in the orientation of bumblebees. For optimal results, place the skep in a visible, sheltered spot away from direct sunlight, such as hedge bottoms, raised banks, or flower borders.

The bumblebee nest box comes complete with natural nesting materials and comprehensive instructions for setting up and maintenance. It makes an enchanting addition to any garden.

Measurements: 190 x 210 x 180 mm