Cherington metal bird bath

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Add a touch of elegance to your garden with the Cherington metal bird bath.  Part of Wildlife World’s Vintage Garden collection, this bird bath is crafted with an all-metal structure and finished with a bronzed antique look. Its shallow, sloping dish is accessible to many bird species and beneficial insects, while the elegantly designed leaves and stems serve as perfect perches and landing spots.

The Cherington bird bath can be securely placed in garden borders, lawns, and pots using its metal stem equipped with stability spikes. Please always remember to check the site for underground utilities before installation. For maintenance, simply replace the water periodically and give it a good clean to maintain hygiene.

The Cherington not only provides a functional place for your local wildlife to drink and bathe. This metal bird bath also makes a beautiful ornamental feature, enhancing any flowerbed, planter or lawn area.

Measurements: 440 x 250 x 800 mm