Curve cavity nesting box

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Introduce a touch of nature-inspired design to your garden with Wildlife World’s curve cavity nesting box. Crafted by the distinguished Simon King OBE, this nesting box features a curved entrance hole, reminiscent of natural tree hollows. It makes an attractive sanctuary for various small birds, including tit species, sparrows, and flycatchers.

The nesting box's unique slotted entrance not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also mimics the inviting crevices of tree bark, enhancing its natural allure. It boasts a stylish Yin Yang finish combining natural wood and dark green paint, and an easy-open side panel for convenient cleaning. Constructed from strong FSC-certified timber and equipped with an extra durable recycled plastic hanger, this nesting box ensures longevity and safety. Effortlessly mount it in your garden using the integrated rear hanger and enjoy watching the birds in your garden thrive.

Measurements: 255 x 190 x 155 mm