Frog house

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Attract frogs and toads to your garden with this stylish frog house from Wildlife World.

Frogs and toads are a gardener's best friend. They eat a wide variety of garden pests, including slugs and snails which cause so much damage to UK gardens.

It's a surprising fact that frogs and toads in the UK actually spend more time out of the water than in it. Don’t be surprised if you find a frog in your garden but don’t have a pond. They are perfectly happy without a pond in the garden, using them mainly for breeding in spring. 

Wildlife World's Eco Frogilo helps you create a frog sanctuary in your garden. It provides a safe and cosy home for frogs, toads and other amphibians, helping to protect them from predators and garden tools.

The Eco Frogilo is designed and manufactured in the UK using 100% recyclable NPLAS material. Its stylish design includes a green decorative ‘tagine’ style roof. The frog house has a cutaway base, allowing contact with the damp soil. This helps keep amphibians cool during hot summer months.

Position the Frogilo in a cool, damp and shaded part of the garden. Toads and female frogs will use the frog home's insulating shelf as a place to hibernate. You can provide extra winter protection by covering the frog house with vegetation.

Measurements: 17.5cm x 20cm x 19.5cm