Garden tool oil

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Protect and prolong the life of your garden tools with Burgon and Ball's professional grade garden tool oil.

With 125ml in every bottle, this high-quality oil is specifically engineered to prevent rust. It achieves this by creating a barrier between the metal of your tools and the damaging effects of air and moisture. Regular use will keep your tools in pristine condition, preserving their cutting edge and saving you from the inconvenience and cost of premature replacement.

Using the garden tool oil couldn't be simpler. Just apply a small amount to a cloth and rub it over the surface of your blades or tool heads. This leaves a thin, protective film of oil that not only guards against rust but also lubricates any moving parts. For example, when applied to shears, the oil ensures a smoother action as the blades pass over each other, reducing wear and tear for a sharper, longer-lasting performance. 

Burgon and Ball’s premium white oil is a must-have for any garden tool maintenance kit. Whether you're snipping, pruning, or shearing, this garden tool oil ensures that every motion is smooth, and every cut is clean. The oil is formulated to be fast drying, ensuring your tools are ready for use quickly after application.

Choose Burgon and Ball's garden tool oil to maintain your garden tools. It's the professional's choice for preventing rust and keeping tools in top condition. Make it a routine part of your tool care regime for a garden that's as well-tended as your tools.