Green Johanna with winter jacket

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The combination of a Green Johanna and a Winter Jacket helps to maintain the composting process in low temperatures.

  • High-capacity high-performing composter designed to compost all food waste including meats, fish, dairy and other foodstuffs.
  • Produces rich compost in a matter of months.
  • Simply scrape your plate into the digester at the end of your meal to avoid mess in your internal and external bins.
  • Can be used with internal and external food waste caddies and compostable liners as a complete domestic food waste management system.
  • Reduces the amount of methane-producing organic waste sent to landfill in areas with no local authority food waste collection.
  • Patented vented base and lid aeration system facilitates safe aerobic digestion of food waste.
  • Robust modular screw-locked design significantly reduces threat of rodent ingress.
  • Supplied with compost aerator to stir compost every few weeks.
  • Manufactured with 100% recycled plastic.

Measurements: L82cm × W82cm × H94cm

Weight: 9.5 kg

Siting the Green Johanna compost bin

The Green Johanna compost bin should be placed on a flat surface, preferably soil or grass, allowing worms and other microorganisms access to the bin’s contents, whilst ensuring any liquid produced during the composting process can drain freely from the Green Johanna's base. A partial or fully shaded site is best, ideally not too far away from the house to allow easy access in winter. If there is a known rodent problem in the area, we recommend siting the Johanna composter away from fence lines where possible.

What to put in the Green Johanna compost bin

The Green Johanna composts raw and cooked food waste together with garden waste (grass clippings and garden prunings), plus brown cardboard and plain, non shiny paper.  We do not recommend adding bones to your Green Johanna as these will not be broken down and will need to be removed from the finished compost at a later date.

When setting up the Green Johanna, start by making a 10-20cm base layer of coarse garden material (twigs and woody prunings). This will help activate the compost and keep the air in the composter flowing. Thereafter, add two parts of garden waste to one part kitchen waste (please see the Johanna's accompanying user guide for full details).