Hedgehog barn

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A beautiful and stylishly designed wooden hedgehog house made from naturally durable FSC-certified timber. Wildlife World's Hedgehog Barn's unique design features an innovative extending porch that helps prevent access by predators and makes it easier to clean and store. Additionally, there is an opening hatch at the rear of the house for thorough cleaning or inspection.

Beneficially, making the unit more compact reduces its carbon footprint when shipping. This product has been carefully designed to suit hedgehogs' needs and help encourage them into your garden whilst also occupying the smallest possible box – reducing the space required for transport.

Be part of saving our beloved garden friends and our favourite wild mammal.

Remember, hedgehogs are wild creatures; hedgehog houses should be covered over the winter for insulation. We recommend that houses are only checked and maintained annually; early summer is best.

Dimensions: 245 x 370 x 415 mm (Extended porch 245 x 370 x 510 mm)

Materials: FSC timber

Colour: Light green and natural wood

Special Features: Extendable porch, predator resistant, solid and long-lasting design