HOTBIN mega (450)

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HOTBIN Mega is like no other compost bin on the market, utilising the HOTBIN hot composting technology it will quickly chomp through garden and food waste turning it into rich, organic compost that your green space will love.

The innovative design and super insulating walls keep the HOTBIN HOT, creating a natural environment for bacteria to quickly digest the contents.

This is hot batch composting on a mega scale, helping allotment and home owners and community gardens to recycle even more waste into peat free compost.

• Rich, peat free compost in 90 days
• Recycle food and garden waste
• Easy to set up and use - no back-breaking turning or tumbling, undue odour or flies
• Locate on any even surface - sun or shade
• Self-contained unit (with a base)
• No accelerators or activators required
• Works all year round
• Odour filter built-in
• Hot batch composter
• Lightweight when empty, 96% air
• Weatherproof, designed to be outside
• Made in the UK

What’s Included
• HOTBIN Mega (450)
1 Base, 1 Lid, 2 Long Walls, 2 Short Walls
• User Guide
• Aeration Valve
• Lid Thermometer
• Odour Filter
• 1 Ratchet Strap
• 2 Aeration Pipes

1160mm Wide | 860mm Deep | 730mm High

450 Litres

21 kg assembled | 25 kg delivered boxed

Situating the HOTBIN
In sun or shade
A flat surface - soil, patio, grass or gravel

Supplied flatpack in 4 boxes - assembly required
(2 persons recomended)

Manufacturer Information
Part of Engineered Foam Products, the HOTBIN Composting range is designed and
manufactured in the UK

The Material
ARPRO® Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) (50mm thick walls)

3 year manufacturers guarantee for the HOTBIN unit only, this excludes damage caused by wildlife and undue care.

12 month guarantee for the lid thermometer, odour filter, ratchet strap and aeration pipes