Burgon and Ball stainless steel plant mister

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Burgon and Ball’s plant mister is designed to provide the right amount of humidity for your moisture-loving houseplants, such as tropical varieties, orchids, and terrarium plants. It ensures that plants get the moisture they need without over-saturating compost. The design is a blend of classic and modern styles, featuring a sleek mirror-polished finish that fits well in any plant care setup.

The mister produces a super-fine spray, allowing for even distribution of water without drips. It's made with a sealed-top design, preventing leaks if it's accidentally tipped over or dropped. Crafted from stainless steel, it resists rust, ensuring durability and long-term use. The robust pump is designed to be reliable, with moving parts that can handle regular usage.

This plant mister is a practical, stylish, and durable tool for indoor gardeners who want to maintain the ideal humidity for their plants.

Measurements: Ø8.5cm x H15.5cm

Materials: stainless steel (bottle), chrome-plated nickel (pump)

Capacity: 300ml