Love the glove denim gardening gloves

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Garden in comfort and style with Burgon and Ball's Love the Glove – Denim gardening gloves.

Made from ultra-soft yet hardwearing fabric, these gardening gloves for women remain pliable even when damp, preventing the discomfort that comes with wet gloves. The genuine leather trim adds a touch of elegance.

After a day in the dirt, cleaning is easy. These gloves are machine washable at 30 degrees centigrade, ensuring they stay looking as good as new.

Each pair of Burgon and Ball women's gardening gloves is designed for a perfect fit. A wrist strap with hook-and-loop fastening keeps the gloves snugly in place, stopping debris from getting inside. The fastening is easy to adjust, even when you're busy in the garden.

The gloves also feature padded palms for extra cushioning, protecting your hands during extended gardening sessions. A two-way stretch mesh between the fingers keeps your hands cool, even on warm days.

Choose Love the Glove – Denim by Burgon and Ball for a luxurious, practical gardening solution. These women's gardening gloves keep your hands cushioned, cool and clean as your garden flourishes.