Gardening Naturally natural compost accelerator 500ml

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This natural compost accelerator is the perfect solution for speeding up the composting process of your kitchen and garden waste. It contains a perfect blend of bacteria which will help turn your waste into beautiful rich compost for your garden. You can compost food, peelings, eggshells, weeds and dead plants.

Shake bottle before opening. Loosen the lid on the chamber side of the bottle. Gently squeeze the bottle until the chamber reaches 25ml. Tip the 25ml into a 5 litre watering can and fill with water.

Water the solution onto the compost heap then turn your compost. This solution will treat 100 litres of compost

Guide: 2000 litres of compost equates to approximately 8 wheelie bins. Each 25ml will treat just under half (0.4) of a wheelie bin, 100 litres.