Natural log bee house

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Discover the charm of Wildlife World’s natural log bee house, designed to blend seamlessly into garden or woodland settings. This bee house is crafted from a tree log, hollowed and filled with specially sized nesting canes to attract non-swarming bees like the Red Mason and Leafcutter bees, along with a variety of other beneficial insects.

Constructed from FSC-certified timber, Wildlife World’s bee house ensures excellent insulation due to its low thermal conductivity and features a water-based green painted lid with a naturally mottled brown bark, enhancing its durability and resistance to cracking. Light and strong, it requires minimal maintenance, only needing annual cleaning of the bee tubes to maintain hygiene.

Perfectly suited for any eco-friendly garden, the bee house should be placed between ground level and 2 meters high, facing south to southeast to catch the morning sun. This bee house not only supports local ecosystems but also provides endless fascination and educational opportunities for families.

Measurements: 285 x 200 x 205 mm