Original wormery composter

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Discover the benefits of sustainable composting with the Original Wormery, the premier all-in-one wormery that pioneered the market. Constantly refined and improved since its debut, this wormery remains a popular choice for both novice and seasoned gardeners looking to transform kitchen waste into nutrient-rich compost.

The Original Wormery’s robust construction includes double brass-aeration vents, a high-quality rubberized lid seal, and an innovative, patented drainage system, ensuring effective composting and ease of maintenance. Whether placed indoors or outdoors, the wormery’s UV-treated, food-grade plastic design withstands the elements while promoting eco-friendly waste management.

Perfect for those who value sustainability and efficiency, the Original Wormery provides an excellent way to contribute to a healthier environment by recycling your organic waste effortlessly.

The Original Wormery includes:

  • Worm Coir Bedding Tiger Worms - (Approx. 250g Bag)
  • Lime Mix - (Approx. 1.5kg Bag) Brass Aeration Vents Patented Drainage System
  • Worm Voucher Option - if you are buying a Wormery as a gift or don't intend to set it up straight away, we suggest you get it delivered with a worm card instead of live worms. Then when you or the other person is ready to set it up, send back the worm card and we will send out the live fresh tiger worms to you.

Measurements: W530mm x H730mm x D430mm

Capacity: 100 litres (approx.)