RHS Burgon and Ball British Meadow indoor watering can

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Burgon and Ball’s British Meadow indoor watering can is the quintessential accessory for every plant enthusiast.

This indoor watering can isn't just a tool but a piece of art that you'll be proud to display on the windowsill. Designed with the elegance of the past, it features exquisite illustrations from the RHS Lindley Collections, showcasing historic botanical art from 1815.

Crafted from robust galvanized steel and finished with a tough powder coating, the British Meadow indoor watering can offers durability with a touch of sophistication. Its navy-blue background provides a dramatic canvas that allows the vibrant colours of meadow flowers and butterflies to shine. It is a standout small indoor watering can that brings the charm of the British countryside right into your home.

With a slender spout crafted for precision, this small watering can for indoor plants allows you to deliver water exactly where it's needed. The design is not only practical but also stylish, making it a decorative piece worthy of the most discerning interior.

Burgon and Ball’s indoor watering can is not only a statement of sophistication, but also a nod to the heritage of gardening. Whether you're tending your own indoor plants or gifting a fellow plant lover, this mini watering can is an essential tool that celebrates both form and function.

Bring the beauty of the British Meadow into your home and experience the joy of gardening in style.

Measurements: H21cm (including handle) x L37cm (including spout) x W13cm

Material: Galvanized steel with powder coating

Capacity: 1 litre