Solis embossed plant pot - gold

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The Solis embossed plant pot is a hand-finished pot that combines quality and style. This indoor plant pot is designed with attention to detail and craftsmanship, ideal for those who love plants and elegant décor.

The Solis plant pot stands out with its gold-tone embossing, creating a stunning contrast against green plants. It's waterproof with no drainage holes, helping to protect your indoor surfaces. The pot's texture adds a tactile element, making it a great feature in any indoor space.

Made with UV-stable materials, this metal plant pot keeps its looks without fading, even when placed in sunny areas. Consider adding the Solis embossed plant pot to your collection for an enhanced indoor environment.

Measurements: Ø18cm x H18cm (small), Ø25cm x H25cm (large)

Materials: metal